5 Marketing Books For Your Winter Reading List

Marketing books for your winter reading list? Why not? As a marketer and business owner, marketing books are not just interesting reading materials, you will also learn a lot from them. These marketing books will teach you to become a better marketer for your business.

Listed below are 5 books that are worth reading:

#1 Positioning by Al Ries & Jack Trout

This is one of those great classic books in marketing, but it’s the first book that helps you understand how to deal with communicating to skeptics and the media over-run public. It mostly describes and talks about the most revolutionary way to approach the need to have a “position” in future and prospective customers’ mindset. It tells a tale that reflects how a company has its own strengths and weaknesses and even addresses those of competitors. With this book, you’ll learn not just how to use the most advanced and popular ad techniques but will help you better perfect the art of capturing the biggest market shares and on how to become an infamous household name.

Things to look out for in this book:

  • The use of the most advanced and popular ad techniques, but will help you better perfect the art of capturing the biggest market shares and on how to become an infamous household name.
  • Building a strong strategy around your competitors weaknesses
  • How to reposition your strong competitors and create their weak areas
  • How use your current position at its best and most advantageous state
  • Choosing the best name for your product/brand
  • Being able to determine why and when less could be more
  • Hone the ability to analyze recent trends that can affect you

#2 Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pullizzi

Being the founder of CMI or the Content Marketing Institute, one of the most popular content marketing educational resources for brands, it is assuring to say that Joe Pulizzi knows what he’s talking about in terms of content marketing. Having one of the fastest growing business since it started, he has the best advice about how to get things like this done right.

This book takes you through a step by step process in the process of developing a story that will not just inform but also entertain your customers. Simply speaking, he shows you how to get them to act without really having to instruct them in doing so. This book gives you an upper hand in positioning your business.

Seeing as Pulizzi is a trusted expert on this field of sorts, to get a hang onto how he does it so well he shares his 6 most important principles:

  • Your content should and must fill those unmet needs and answers the questions of your customers
  • In delivering content, you must do so consistently
  • You should have content written in your own voice, with added humor
  • Instead of giving balanced reports, express opinions; the good kind
  • Avoiding sales speak is a must, take notice that it will destroy your contents value
  • Always aim to produce and share the best and only the best of your content related to your niches

#3 Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype by Jay Baer

This book focuses mainly on the customer, and not just that but also on the need and the importance of marketing to help customers. It’s all about building value for your customers. Brands always promise customers something, and it reminds us that our customers value these promises and our experience enough to want to buy the merchandise.

Some people can consider it value propositioning, but in honesty customers will need to get something out of our marketing. This book gives you a modern view of two core marketing values. It teaches us that helpfulness is not what makes up a brand, but it can be one of the best methods.

To achieve Youtility, the book makes note of the 3 different facets one should consider:

  • Provide Self-Serve Information – Simply because customers prefer to help themselves to information before purchasing something rather than talking to a sales person.
  • Practice Radical Transparency – Answering customer questions in an open, comprehensive and detailed manner helps you gain there trust.
  • Have Real-Time Relevancy – Customers crave real-time information, which can be served through mobile friendly content and apps.

#4 Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin

The book argues over the fact that change can best be effected by a tribe. So think about it, our innovators are the ones who assemble similar individuals and get us excited about the products. Godin explains that these “tribes” are within our corporation, and anyone can be a leader; though sometimes are usually kept from their own potential due to fear and criticism.

The book’s helpful tips are perfected with the help case studies which explains that: “we can be leaders if we want, tribes are the way of the future and change is good” This book is a game-changer, that helps your mind pull up something you’ve read from it.

#5 How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market by Gerald Zaltman

This book provides a great new thought to understanding why and how customers buy. It shows us how despite resources spent on marketing research, it’s a little fact that 80% of offerings fail. Why? Because patterns have become so predictable. The usual and conventional how-to is this: customers want something, a company creates it, but when it’s available – customers don’t buy it.

This is simply because of the fact that customers don’t actually know what they want. Gerald Zaltman gives us an explanation to this puzzle and concludes that, at some point, customers do know. But because our own marketing’s most overused tools like surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups have become such conventional practices, they no longer dig deeply enough to help them discover and express what it is they truly want.

This book is mind opening, because of the fact that it argues that 95 percent of thinking happens in our unconscious. That’s why when it comes down to unearthing your customers’ desires, it requires us to understand so much more that is the “mind of the market”.

Zaltman offers perpetual insights into what happening within the complicated system of our mind, brain, body, and society. He gives us a closer illustration of how leading companies are “mining the unconscious” ” while providing us with  remarkable results due to the following:

  • Development of research questions that speak to our consumers unconscious minds.
  • Evocable and valuable meaning through a customer’s brand communications.
  • Measurement of most consumer reactions to certain marketing and advertising strategies.
  • The building of what reflects a market to help boost a customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.
  • Understanding how our own minds work and how we can come up with new creative things.
  • The realization of the fact that the mind of the market is waiting to be explored, and it’s a competition of who gets there first.

Wrapping it Up

These are just some of the interesting marketing books that are worth reading. Take the time to check these marketing books and learn the different strategies that will help you improve your skills in promoting your business.

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